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She Fashionista is the site where you can find fashion tips, new fashion items, i provide links with affordable clothes, i promote store that i find interesting and unique. Here you will find fun pictures and inspiration after all. I am here to inspire you and share something that i like. Hope you will enjoy and read! Thank You.

Simple Black and White combination by NALIELI. This girl is becoming one of my faves really quickly. I love her edginess and simplicity. What more can I say? Flawless. Just the style I prefer.


City of my dreams - One and Only, Hong Kong. 


I am no Geek but I can try. At least with wearing this casual tee. I m all about casual but stylish so it is ideal item for me. And I believe many people prefer casual comfort. 

In my mind, I would style it with black skinny jeans, ankle boos and edgy necklace or edgy rings. I think it wold be so fun to wear it this way. Anyways, if you are interested you can find it here.