She. Fashionista.

All white everything is the trend for quite some time and i really like it! All black everything is classic, but this is new game plan. White is pure and sexy so there is no doubt why it is so popular. You are able to see bloggers doing their thing and wearing white, so check them out for some inspiration. 

This outfit is one piece item but it is looking so stylish and overall great. 




Spring is here and sometimes i like to spice my whole look with my makeup. I am a big fan of makeup, i just adore makeup very much. And lipsticks are my obsession. I love to buy ‘em, love to wear ‘em. But, as much as i love lipsticks sometimes they tend to be just a little expensive. Guys, i am a student and where i live lipsticks are like 10 dollars or even more. Depending on a brand. But, anyways, i just wanted to mention these babies on my blog since I am deeply, madly, crazy in love with them. 

Spring is here, warm weather is here and we all love to wear bright colors on our lips. Wet n Wild is full of bright, vibrant colors. Thank God. Pink & Orange is a must have for this season. Beautiful tones of pinks and orange are to die for. My favorite shades are Think Pink, Carrot Gold, Don’t Blink Pink, Pinkerbell, Purty Persimmon. 

If you are on a hunt for a good lipstick, please consider those. So inexpensive but so pigmented and long lasting. My holy grail.